We have 1 Day Pass and 3 Day Pass available for your preference. We recommend the purchase of advance tickets since the number of a day ticket is limited. Anyone who purchases a 3 day pass will receive a special towel and anyone who purchases a 1 day pass will receive a special keyholder. Also for the first 1000 customers who attend the convention will receive KING OF TATTOO special goods! And they will be given away every 3day!


You'll be able to get the ticket at the reception.
[ receipt number(check before the mail title) ]is exchange number for your ticket. You can check receipt number to the confirm mail.
So,please keep the confirm mail.

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一日券前売りはFOOD ro DRINKチケット2枚付きで5,000円、三日通し券前売りはFOOD ro DRINKチケット6枚付きで12,000円、当日券は一日券6,000円、三日通し券15,000円となります